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Month: June 2017

3 Ways Mobile Apps Can Help You Cut Monthly Costs

Over the past years, the purpose of mobile apps has greatly changed. These apps are no longer limited to leisure, communication, or office purposes. A large portion of apps can even be used to help you save money or automate the repayment of your loans.

If you want to use your smartphone to cut monthly costs, you just need to pick the right app for the task. However, one question remains: how do these apps help you cut costs?

These are the 3 models that apps are using to help their customers save money:


Swipe for Credits

Many mobile apps are now offering the chance for users to ‘swipe content’ in order to earn credits. These credits can be exchanged for rewards, load, and even few bucks to be used on a rainy day. While ‘swipe for credit’ apps are very easy to use, the amount thresholds are difficult to reach.

You may need to reach thousands of credits before you can actually cash out your earnings. Some developers are also limiting their content per day because they don’t want to pay too much. After all, they control the amount of content featured per day. But few daily swipes won’t hurt anyway!


Refer and Earn

Thousands of apps are actually benefiting from the Refer and Earn model. This works in a simple manner – if you refer people, you get paid. Some apps may pay you in credits, while others will let you receive real-time bucks. The real trick here is persuading people to use the app under your account.

Maybe you can refer ten or fifteen pals, but then everything will slow down. It’s like you’re in a pyramiding or recruitment scheme. The good thing is that you can use as many apps as you want. So, refer all the way you want!


Vouchers for Mini-Tasks

Some mobile apps are known for their available mini-tasks. These mini-tasks include watching ads, inputting captions, answering surveys, and many more.

For apps like these, redeemable vouchers and certificates are the usual rewards. Some may also have credit or point systems. Legitimacy is one of the challenges for these apps. Before accomplishing any tasks for an app, make sure that you can be justly rewarded.


Finding the right app may take time because people have varying opinions. On top of that, not all developers are really transparent in revealing their business models. Check out different technology and Android websites so you can look for best apps that can help you cut costs!