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Month: February 2017

Freelancer Loans – What You Need to Know

Recently, the number of available online loans has increased. This means that demand for such loan has become more significant. Well, it’s about time; in the past years, many freelancers had a hard time applying for loans.

This is probably due to the fact that freelancers don’t have a stable source of income, unlike employees. Now, times have changed rapidly. More and more freelancers managed to get loans from banks and other lenders.


To manage your expectations, you need to understand some important things about freelancer loans.


You Will Start with Small Amounts

While lenders are not hesitant to offer loans to freelancers, the amounts may be limited. This is because of risk management. After all, lenders are just protecting their businesses.

If the amount offered to you is low, just accept it or look for another lender. Eventually, the small amount will grow as you gain better financial credibility. Lenders will also check your credit report, so you may want to apply for credit builder loans.


Tax Documents Can Help You

Lenders have basic requirements for all of their borrowers. For non-freelancers, the requirements are easy – government IDs and billing statements. For freelancers, some tax documents may be needed. Each country also has different tax documentation so you need a bit of effort towards this.

Keep in mind that not all lenders are following this pattern. Some may be lenient, while others are strict. If you think that you’re going to have a hard time procuring tax documents, you should do this ahead of time. The effort is worth it – freelancers with complete tax documents can be approved for loans faster. There’s also a chance for higher amount approval.


Online Lenders Can Save Your Time

Are you in dire need of money for a very short time? Well, don’t pick banks! Among all lenders, banks are the strictest. Rather, you should go for online lenders.

These lenders can be reached through Facebook or Google. Online loan directories are good sources because they have multiple lenders in one web page. Most of the lenders featured also have diverse information such as interest, fees, requirements, and special notes. Some directories may even show borrower reviews to convince more people.


With the help of a freelancer’s personal loan singapore, you can do many things to improve your career. Either buy that desktop computer you’re aiming for, or pursue different courses that can expand your skills!