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3 Ways Mobile Apps Can Help You Cut Monthly Costs

Over the past years, the purpose of mobile apps has greatly changed. These apps are no longer limited to leisure, communication, or office purposes. A large portion of apps can even be used to help you save money or automate the repayment of your loans.

If you want to use your smartphone to cut monthly costs, you just need to pick the right app for the task. However, one question remains: how do these apps help you cut costs?

These are the 3 models that apps are using to help their customers save money:


Swipe for Credits

Many mobile apps are now offering the chance for users to ‘swipe content’ in order to earn credits. These credits can be exchanged for rewards, load, and even few bucks to be used on a rainy day. While ‘swipe for credit’ apps are very easy to use, the amount thresholds are difficult to reach.

You may need to reach thousands of credits before you can actually cash out your earnings. Some developers are also limiting their content per day because they don’t want to pay too much. After all, they control the amount of content featured per day. But few daily swipes won’t hurt anyway!


Refer and Earn

Thousands of apps are actually benefiting from the Refer and Earn model. This works in a simple manner – if you refer people, you get paid. Some apps may pay you in credits, while others will let you receive real-time bucks. The real trick here is persuading people to use the app under your account.

Maybe you can refer ten or fifteen pals, but then everything will slow down. It’s like you’re in a pyramiding or recruitment scheme. The good thing is that you can use as many apps as you want. So, refer all the way you want!


Vouchers for Mini-Tasks

Some mobile apps are known for their available mini-tasks. These mini-tasks include watching ads, inputting captions, answering surveys, and many more.

For apps like these, redeemable vouchers and certificates are the usual rewards. Some may also have credit or point systems. Legitimacy is one of the challenges for these apps. Before accomplishing any tasks for an app, make sure that you can be justly rewarded.


Finding the right app may take time because people have varying opinions. On top of that, not all developers are really transparent in revealing their business models. Check out different technology and Android websites so you can look for best apps that can help you cut costs!

4 Negative Effects of Relying on Payday Loans

Whenever you’re facing an imminent financial trouble, your mind will become hazy with questions. How are you going to survive? What sidelines can you take in order to repay your debts? How come your financial situation turned sour? Asking these questions will help you determine the root cause of your financial misfortunes.

In the face of pressing financial dilemmas, you’d probably consider getting a payday loan. That’s okay – thousands of borrowers will do the same. But you have to be wary – payday loans may leave some negative effects.

A sack of money sits on top of a table.

Check out the top 4 negative effects of relying on payday loans:


Loan Dependency

Loan dependency is a serious problem among thousands of borrowers. People borrow one loan after another without thinking about the financial repercussions. In order to avoid being loan dependent, you must consider payday loans as the last cards that you’re going to play. They are not meant to supplant a regular income source. If you are loan-dependent, you’re trapped.


Limited Spending Power

While payday loans can solve your immediate financial problem, it can set you back due to high interest. These outrageous interest rates can give you a limited spending power. You can’t buy the things you want or need, so you’d settle for substandard things. The quality of your life will be absolutely low. The only solution? Get out of payday loan obligations.


Huge Debts

With high interest rates and multiple payday loans under your belt, your debt meter will be high. Huge debts can turn your life into pitch black, and you’d wonder if there’s something that can pull you out. Effective debt management is needed to deal with your debts, but you need to follow the plan thoroughly. If you’re having a hard time making a debt management plan, you may need to include your spouse. You can also seek the help of a financial expert.

Pure Misery

Over-reliance on salary loans can lead to one thing: pure misery. You’d be frustrated because your spending power is low. Stress will hammer you down because licensed money lenders in singapore sent their collection agents after you. Your credit rating is even less satisfactory. Don’t worry – you can always get out if you really want to. Settle all your substantial loans, and then work on doubling your income.


If you think you’re disciplined enough to surpass the negative effects of personal loans, then you should try applying for one. You just need to plan ahead so you won’t miss any payment periods. Also, don’t trust lenders blindly. Find the best licensed moneylender in singapore through proper research and analysis of borrower reviews.

Why Online Lenders are Better than Payday Lenders?

Due to everyone’s demand for loans, hundreds of online lenders have reached out to borrowers through various marketing methods. In Facebook alone, you can see these online lenders trying to outcompete each other. Beyond the online lending arena, payday lenders remain prosperous. While these lenders are less threatening nowadays, they still have numerous disadvantages. Because of such disadvantages, online lenders earned a solid and positive reputation.

Fair Interest Rates

Payday loans are notorious for their obscenely high interest rates. If you’re not careful, you may end up paying more than two times your principal loan – service charges still excluded. Are you wondering why payday loans have these high rates? This is actually their risk management process. Since a payday loan is unsecured, the lender can’t collect your assets if ever you can’t repay.

Rather, the personal loan lender philippines will just send their ‘collection hounds’ to go after you. Commercial online lenders are the best options because their interest rates are fair. The line between a commercial online lender and payday lender is thin. Some payday lenders also operate online as well.


Better Support

Commercial online lenders have a better support system unlike onsite payday lenders. Whenever you have concerns, online lenders will suggest all possible solutions. Most online lender websites also have useful loan-related content that you can read. Now, you won’t see that in shady payday loan offices!

Also, online payday lenders allow open negotiations. This will give you greater financial advantage since you have full control on repayment. During negotiation, you must be honest in presenting your situation. Not all lenders have flexible conditions, so you need to scour the Web for the right providers.


Improves Financial Reputation

Online lenders can improve your financial reputation by updating your credit status or vouching you in many instances. While not all lenders do this, you’d still have a better shot than payday lending offices. Payday lenders, especially the independent ones, don’t care about your credit rate. Business is business, and they’re only interested about your capability of repayment. But then again, not all payday lenders will neglect your credit status. Through extensive research, you may actually find a payday lender who ‘cares.’


Even though online lenders are better, it’s important to know that not all payday lenders are bad. A large percentage of payday lenders are now being regulated, so you can borrow safely. On the other hand, not all online lenders are operating fairly. Through proper research, you’d know which lenders can really offer fair terms.

Should You Trust Independent Car Loan Lenders?

When you’re shopping for a car loan, it’s important that you come up of a list of the most reliable lenders in your area. Typically, banks are the popular providers of auto loans. But times have changed – many borrowers are now going for independent car loan lenders.

These lenders are separate from banks and financial organizations. They are also different from dealerships, though they may have mixed financing options. Independent lenders conduct their businesses online, and they’re quickly expanding in the Web.

Should you trust independent car loan lenders today? It all depends on your priorities. However, before securing a car loan from an independent lender, you can keep these factors in mind:


Lender Reputation

The first factor that should be in any borrower’s checklist is the lender’s reputation. You won’t know about the lender’s reputation from the get-go. Of course, no lender will say that its business has a bad reputation. To get objective information about a lender, you should check out its social media page. There, you’ll see the reviews of borrowers and the way the lender answers all concerns.


Repayment Terms and Interest

Nobody wants a loan that has high interest and overly stretched repayment terms – unless there’s a very good reason. This is where your search may be a bit difficult. In Facebook alone, hundreds of lenders are competing for the attention of borrowers. This will expose you to varying terms and fees. Too much details fluttering around can leave you confused. A rule of thumb: you must pick a lender with balanced repayment terms and moderately low interest.


Customer Service

Supposing you have a concern and you brought it to the car lender. The lender is obligated to answer all of your questions as long as it’s related to the loan. If the auto lender is not patient enough to handle your concerns and give any helpful information, it’s time to look for another one. Customer service is a serious thing.


Discounts and Privileges

Many auto lenders have scaling discount and privilege ladders offered to their borrowers. Unfortunately, not all auto lenders do this. Through such discounts, the lender can show its appreciation. This is also good for maintaining a strong lender-borrower relationship.


After getting your car loan, the next thing you should worry about is your car purchase. Don’t settle fancy and expensive cars just to show off. Rather, you should keep your finances in mind. Remember, once you cannot repay your auto loan, the lender will take your car. You will also pay for penalty fees. For convenience, create an auto loan repayment plan and follow it.

Freelancer Loans – What You Need to Know

Recently, the number of available online loans has increased. This means that demand for such loan has become more significant. Well, it’s about time; in the past years, many freelancers had a hard time applying for loans.

This is probably due to the fact that freelancers don’t have a stable source of income, unlike employees. Now, times have changed rapidly. More and more freelancers managed to get loans from banks and other lenders.


To manage your expectations, you need to understand some important things about freelancer loans.


You Will Start with Small Amounts

While lenders are not hesitant to offer loans to freelancers, the amounts may be limited. This is because of risk management. After all, lenders are just protecting their businesses.

If the amount offered to you is low, just accept it or look for another lender. Eventually, the small amount will grow as you gain better financial credibility. Lenders will also check your credit report, so you may want to apply for credit builder loans.


Tax Documents Can Help You

Lenders have basic requirements for all of their borrowers. For non-freelancers, the requirements are easy – government IDs and billing statements. For freelancers, some tax documents may be needed. Each country also has different tax documentation so you need a bit of effort towards this.

Keep in mind that not all lenders are following this pattern. Some may be lenient, while others are strict. If you think that you’re going to have a hard time procuring tax documents, you should do this ahead of time. The effort is worth it – freelancers with complete tax documents can be approved for loans faster. There’s also a chance for higher amount approval.


Online Lenders Can Save Your Time

Are you in dire need of money for a very short time? Well, don’t pick banks! Among all lenders, banks are the strictest. Rather, you should go for online lenders.

These lenders can be reached through Facebook or Google. Online loan directories are good sources because they have multiple lenders in one web page. Most of the lenders featured also have diverse information such as interest, fees, requirements, and special notes. Some directories may even show borrower reviews to convince more people.


With the help of a freelancer’s personal loan singapore, you can do many things to improve your career. Either buy that desktop computer you’re aiming for, or pursue different courses that can expand your skills!